About Us

HYLUS is a digital contemporary art gallery, showcasing the latest art trends into uncommon art pieces.
We are experts in Acrylic Glass with over 30+ years of experience in the industry.
We proudly look forward to keep expanding our products portfolio with always new innovative ideas. 

The name derives from the latin Hyalus, meaning Glass.
Starting from placing works of art on Acrylic Glass skateboards, HYLUS has since extended its product portfolio due to an incredibly high demand with Surfboards and Glass Prints.
HYLUS connects people to the reality that anything around you can become a work of art.
With our unique works of art we aim to unveil the deep relationship between society and art, and to deliver top quality, modern, contemporary art pieces to our customers.

Why Skateboards and Surfboards?
A skateboard and surfboard is an ideal canvas because it is affordable, mobile, and useable.
These two are also a symbols for freedom. They have the power to break social barriers.
At HYLUS we believe that working or living into an art oriented environment, increases creativity and motivation into your everyday life.

"HYLUS exists to bring art into your life"
Craftsmanship is an essential cornerstone upon which we pride ourselves on and customer satisfaction is how we assess and ensure we maintain this belief.

For any enquiries please contact us at [email protected], or using the contact form below:


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